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Customer Challenge

Data security is a key concern for their existing government clients, so ASR wanted to host on an IRAP certified environment. Their current data centres were unable to meet the requirements for IRAP certification, whereas AWS achieved IRAP certification in 2019.

In addition, ASR hosted its hardware infrastructure across two Melbourne data centres and was faced with the decision to continually upgrade their existing hardware to support their increased growth or move to an IAAS platform.


AWS’ IRAP certification and its ability to scale easily to meet ASR’s ever-growing customer base, made it the right choice for hosting its extensive Windows infrastructure.

Fitzroy IT worked with ASR from the initial planning & design stage through to the migration of their Microsoft IIS web servers, MS SQL database servers, directory services & DFS to AWS native services and Windows EC2 instances. Utilising AWS’ Well-Architected Framework, the updated infrastructure provides improved reliability, performance, fault-tolerance and security, while optimising costs.

Architecture Diagram

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