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Partner with Fitzroy IT to see how using AWS can improve business performance, reduce costs, and boost security.

For eligible customers, Fitzroy IT offers the Well-Architected Review for free.

Exactly what you get:

Fitzroy IT will perform the Well-Architected Review - which is a Q&A session - with you. Fitzroy IT will review your infrastructure setup and provide a report on the findings. The free review is limited to one (1) production workload.

What you pay for:

There are no charges for eligible customers to perform the initial Well-Architected Review. Once the review is completed and the High-Risk Items (HRI) report has been completed, you have the option to proceed with remediation works to address those risks. Fitzroy IT will work with your team to formulate the best plan for eliminating the HRIs and will communicate time and cost estimates.

Depending on the findings of the Well-Architected Review, Fitzroy IT team will work with you to create a remediation plan to manage and implement the changes. If 45% or more, of the High Risk Items are remediated then the account is eligible for WAFR Funding of USD$5000, paid in AWS account credits.

You will spend time with an AWS Solutions Architect Professional certified engineer who will perform the Well-Architected Review by examining your AWS workloads. After the initial review has been completed, a report based on the HRI findings will be generated and forwarded to you.

A Well-Architected Review is a discussion between one of Fitzroy IT’s AWS Certified Solutions Architects and one or more of your staff. The Review evaluates your business processes, applications, and infrastructure to see where they are strong and where improvements can be made.

The Well-Architected Review does not examine the specific configuration of your AWS environment / Account. Rather it is a Q&A session that establishes a baseline of how well you believe your environment complies with best practice, what you want your AWS infrastructure to be and how you want it to work for you.

The process is structured, and specific questions are asked that examine the 6 Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework (operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimisation, sustainability), as they relate to your business.

The report outlines areas that need improvement, prioritised into High, Medium, and Low-risk items.

Fitzroy IT believes in making the most of your review by talking to you and your staff. Understanding your current state and your desired future state and ensuring that the remediation items align with your technology goals.

Fitzroy IT provide you with a report with the identified issues and provide an estimation of time required to remediate each item. You then need to simply ask Fitzroy IT to undertake a remediation project.

To be eligible for remediation funding you must work with Fitzroy IT to remediate at least 45% of the High-Risk Issues identified in the Well-Architected Review.

No, Only a Well-Architected Partner can do the remediation work and claim funding.

The Well-Architected Review takes approximately 3 hours of your time to perform the initial review. Once the initial review is completed then the Fitzroy IT team will review your account workloads at a later date and create the report with the findings.

Technical decision makers, Financial decision makers, Operations decisions makers.

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