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Cost Optimisation

We are a team of passionate individuals who can help you manage and optimise your cloud usage.

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Cost Optimisation Specialists

AWS encourages agility and experimentation. A flexible IT infrastructure can be deployed with the click of a button.
But at the same time, we all need to be mindful of costs, ensuring that our cloud spending is focused and not wasteful.
Fitzroy IT are experts at cost analysis and cost optimisation. We’ll analyse your bills, and then work with you to identify unused, idle and underutilised resources, and teach you about the tools you can use to manage your expenses.
  • Consulting - We talk to you in your language, explain the jargon and find the best solutions, so you save time and make more money.
  • System Architecture - We assess and modernise your infrastructure
  • Migration - Move any workload – application, website, database, storage, physical or virtual server, or an entire data center – to AWS.
  • Ongoing Support - We are experts in optimising, securing and monitoring your infrastructure.

We also offer a range of additional services such as strategic consulting and planning, UX and UI design, website and application development, hosting and domain management services, and managed IT support.

Questions? Talk with one of our AWS Cloud Advisors.

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