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Customer Challenge

HERE’s Professional Services Division needed additional resources to assist them with a large development project for a customer. This required resources who had experience with HERE SDK development, and development for Android devices.

The project has an aggressive timeline, which was at risk without those additional expert resources.

Fitzroy IT - The Perfect Partner

In the past Fitzroy IT has used the HERE SDK for a variety of applications, including transport of athletes and dignitaries at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and more recently working to direct bus replacement services for PTV and TfNSW. Working with guidance code for heavy vehicles was of particular relevance to HERE who needed truck routing expertise for this project.

Other key factors were Fitzroy IT’s experience delivering Android apps with Kotlin and Jetpack Compse, and our in-house Graphic Design and UX experts, as well as our Project Managers with a proven track-record delivering large, time-critical projects.

Fitzroy IT were also chosen because of their flexibility and ability to quickly get started on the project, which had very tight timelines.


Working in a close collaboration with HERE’s team, Fitzroy IT utilised the HERE mobile SDK v4 to build:

  • an AAR (Android Archive) containing functions to enable:
    • general mapping
    • turn-by-turn navigation
    • voice assistance
    • vehicle routing (car, light truck and truck)
    • truck parameters (size, weight, height, number of axles etc.)
    • vehicle restriction display on map (e.g. roads with height or weight restrictions, or time restrictions for trucks)
    • real-time traffic
    • scene setting and map control (pinch to zoom, rotate, recentre etc.)
    • configurable units (imperial, metric, auto based on system)
    • configurable language
    • support for light and dark mode
    • speed limit display
    • vehicle current speed display
    • address and POI lookup
    • navigate to lat/long
    • ETA display
    • route preview
    • route recalculation (on wrong turn)
    • alternative routes displayed (when faster route found)
    • map caching
    • offline navigation and operation
  • a reference application that utilised the AAR
  • a test harness android app that sent intents to the reference application to alter its configuration at launch

Next Steps

Fitzroy IT remains a HERE Technologies development partner and is always available to help with consulting work and software development projects large and small.

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