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Customer Challenge

When a key developer announced their intention to leave (amicably), Intelfuse was faced with a dilemma as there was a gap of several months before new resources could be brought on. They required assistance with knowledge transfer, someone to collaborate with their departing developer to extract all relevant knowledge, validate and update documentation, and identify any process gaps. This was crucial in order to ensure a smooth transition and the effective transfer of knowledge to the new hires. They also required someone to perform infrastructure maintenance and project configuration during the transition period.

Fitzroy IT - The Perfect Partner

Intelfuse initially approached Fitzroy IT for a Well-Architected Review of their AWS infrastructure. During that process, Intelfuse were impressed with Fitzroy IT in-depth understanding of the industry and high-level of competence and expertise. As a result, Fitzroy IT’s remit was expanded and they were brought on to support Intelfuse's developers. Fitzroy IT provides services which are customised to the client’s need, instead of “one-size-fits-all” approach. Intelfuse recognised that the successful completion of their project required a range of specialised skills, including but not limited to database management, AWS infrastructure management, documentation, Linux system administration, and on-boarding of new staff. Fitzroy IT has a proven track record in all of these areas, and the ability to provide the necessary skills and resources for the project to be completed with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Fitzroy IT provided a comprehensive solution for knowledge transfer by holding training workshops with the developer, documenting the process, and conducting training sessions for new hires. Fitzroy IT recorded and documented all training sessions, making them easily accessible for future use by Intelfuse.

During the transition period, Fitzroy IT provided Intelfuse with on-call support, for any issues that arose. Then when the new hires began work, Fitzroy IT provided training and support during their onboarding process, ensuring that there was a seamless transfer of knowledge.

Next Steps

While Intelfuse is now operating with its new staff members, Fitzroy IT is still available to assist as required.

Additionally, after conducting the Well-Architected Review, issues have been identified that Fitzroy IT will begin remediating. Fitzroy IT will work closely with Intelfuse to ensure that the remediation work is completed efficiently and effectively, while minimizing any disruptions to the company's operations. Once complete, Intelfuse can be confident that they are operating securely and cost-effectively, while following best practice.

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