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The Sidney Myer Fund and The Myer Foundation

Website design & development, hosting

Promoting a just, creative, enlightened, caring, and sustainable Australia.

The Sidney Myer Fund and The Myer Foundation (SMF & TMF) are two key entities of the Myer family philanthropy, both established to continue the legacy of Sidney Myer, one of Australia’s most visionary business figures and entrepreneurs, as well as one of the most generous individuals of his time. The aim of both philanthropic organisations is to engage with the community to promote a just, creative, enlightened, caring, and sustainable Australia.

The Challenge

Impressed by our work for similar organisations, the team behind SMF & TMF got in touch with Fitzroy IT. They had an existing website built on WordPress, which had an outdated design, was difficult to maintain, and was slow to load and navigate between pages. Perhaps more importantly, the design and the structure of the site was confusing and unwieldy, making navigation complex - many grant seekers, when referred to the site, were unable to find what they were looking for.

Although the client knew their existing website needed replacing, they were unsure about what they needed exactly for the new website and how this could be done. Fitzroy IT was therefore able to bring in our experts to conduct requirements discovery and analysis workshops with them, to uncover exactly what the new site needed to provide. We then could deliver everything required for subsequent steps, including wireframing, UX / UI and graphic design, development and even photography for the new website.

The Result

Due to our detailed requirements gathering, the design and structure of the new website met the requirements of the client exactly - featuring a fresh and modern design, user friendly navigation and making information that each visitor needed to find a whole lot easier to find. The site was also built on Siteglide - a CMS platform that is extremely easy to use and manage, faster and more stable.